Why Should You Choose Jxcycle for Your Cycle Needs


If you head on to https://www.jxcycles.com/cargo-bikes/, you will be getting a lot of cargo bike options that you may be a bit confused about at the start. Here is why you should trust the brand for your Cycle needs.

A reputable brand

Reputation is one of the primary ways a brand can win customers on its side. In their over ten years of existence, the Jxcycle has built an excellent brand reputation. This brand makes some of the best cargo bikes with the best materials to ensure their products last over time. Also, they make their customers the focus when they make each of their cycles. Therefore, most times, the customers are more than satisfied and will joyfully give reviews that will elevate the brand name.

Brand history and growth

A number of brands we have in the world today lie a lot. They create a story that has never existed and sell it to their potential consumers in a bid to earn their trust. For Jxcycle, the process is different. Instead of following through the path of deceit to earn the trust of consumers, they’ll instead push the truth. The company has a clear cut story from when they began to where they are now. This story is not only an indication of honesty but an indication of growth and a company that wants to grow. We have divided each section of the story into four stages below;

Stage one

The inception stage was where the idea of the company started. It happened when the founder, going by the name Peter visited the Netherlands casually and found the system of their cargo bikes. This attracted him, and he saw it as an opportunity to take it to a larger scale. So yes, it is safe to say it was not his idea at the start, but it was his idea to believe that the whole world needs it. This period was between 2008 and 2009.

Stage two

Immediately after he conceived the idea, he got to work directly. He went ahead to create a factory and a company with the aim to make their product and spread it across the world. Of course, it was no easy feat to get customers, but slowly, the company picked up and has what has turned into a globally recognized company today.

Stage three

In the course of pushing the business and getting accepted by consumers, the company noticed the consumer behavior. People loved the idea of a cargo bike, but they were also considering it was beneficial for businesses like coffee sales, amongst others. The company keyed into the demands of its consumers.

Present Stage

By listening to the demands, the company needed to create different cycle options at great prices and with all the creativity possible. Hence, they had to create a bigger factory in 2016 to meet these needs.


When you need a cycle for a professional or business reason, you need to be careful when you are buying it. You need to be sure that the cycle you purchase is from the best brand possible so you can use it for a long time and get your returns. Jxcycle is a brand that makes the best bikes and cycles out there. In this article, we have explained why you should choose Jxcycle as a brand.


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