Types Of Hot Tub Sizes And How To Choose Between Them


A hot tub is a water body usually filled with heated water. It can be used for relaxation, therapeutic, and recreational activities. Hot tubs also offer a wide range of physical and mental benefits to the users. Hot tubs come in a wide range of sizes, including six-person hot tub. This post will be focusing on hot tub dimensions.

Typical hot tub dimensions

Below are the typical hot tub dimensions;

Small hot tubs

These hot tubs can accommodate between two to four people. They are ideal for people who live alone and do not host or allow many people to use their hot tub. They also make a great option if you do not have a lot of space in your home. The compact size makes it easy to install anywhere. They usually feature the following dimensions;

  • Length- between 5.4 inches to 7 inches
  • Width- between 5.4 inches to 6.8 inches
  • Height- between 29 to 35 inches

Medium hot tubs

These hot tubs can accommodate between four to six people. These hot tubs are trendy in recreational facilities and institutions. They also make it perfect for homes with many people or events where hot tubs are applied. They feature the following dimensions;

  • Length- between 6.7 inches to 7.9 inches
  • Width- between 6.4 inches to 7.9 inches
  • Height- between 33 inches to 38.5 inches

Large hot tubs

These tubs can accommodate seven people or more. Large hot tubs are not as popular in homes as they are in hotels, gyms, and recreational institutions. They feature the following dimensions;

  • Length- between 7 inches to 9 inches
  • Width- up to 7 inches
  • Height- between 36 inches to 38 inches

Factors to consider when choosing the right size for your hot tub

When selecting the best hot tub size, it would help if you considered the following elements;

Installation space

The first thing is the amount of space you have to install the hot tub. Naturally, if you have a lot of space, you have the freedom to choose whichever size you want. However, if you have limited space, your primary option is a small hot tub.


Naturally, larger hot tubs are usually more expensive to purchase, transport and install. Therefore, if you have the funds, you can opt for the more giant hot tub and vice versa.


The application of the hot tub will also influence the choice you make. For instance, if you are looking for a hot tub for a hotel or relaxation facility, it would help if you got a large one instead of several small ones. On the other hand, if the hot tub is meant to be for personal use at home, a small one would suffice.

Final words

Other than the three standard dimensions, hot tubs also feature a fourth measurement: water depth. Typically, most manufacturers recommend that you fill your hot tub up to about five inches from the rim. The body size emersed into the water depends on your size, weight, plus the size and shape of your hot tub. For instance, some hot tubs usually have seats that are higher than others.


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