Should You Use Straw Toppers at Parties?


Parties are fun. They are great, social occasions for family or friends or both to come together and have a good time. They are the go-to choice for millions around the world to unwind and forget their sorrows, if only for a short time. However, a party is not complete without drinks. In fact, a party without drinks cannot be called one. Drinks bring life to parties. One way to spice up your party drink decorations and make your parties memorable to guests for years to come is by using straw toppers.

Why You Should Use Straw Toppers for Parties?

A straw topper is a fancy decoration used to make straws look good. As the name implies, it is placed at the top of straws and both cover the top of the drink and also makes the drink look presentable and pleasing to the eye. It is that party decoration that will make the mouth of party guests water so they will also request their drinks.

A straw topper can also fit into the theme of a party. Take, for instance, a party based on Halloween that can have straw topper designs of bats, vampires, pumpkin heads, or candy bags. A party with a soccer theme can have straw topper designs of soccer balls, soccer boots, soccer kits, and cardboard cutouts of famous soccer players to keep guests delighted all through the party.

What Materials Are Straw Toppers Made Up Of?

To make a straw topper, most people use images printed on paper and resin images.  Some opt for silicone rubber straw toppers. These silicon rubbers help to keep insects and stray dirt from the drinks when guests are engaged in other activities. Resin materials, however, are very easy to use and they last long. They are perfect for people with small budgets who are willing to make their straw toppers. Glue is another important material for do-it-yourself folks. It is a must-have, especially for those designing and printing their shapes on paper.

Food Poisoning Risks to Note

For anyone wanting to make a straw topper, the person must make sure that the environment is very clean. This might involve some form of disinfection of the surfaces where the production will take place. This is because straw toppers are going to be used on drinks so they must be made in a very clean environment. After all, food surfaces can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria and hospitals register millions of food poisoning cases every year. Nobody wants to be remembered as the person who threw a party and poisoned all the guests.

To disinfect this production area, bleach with warm water mixed with soap is the best bet. Bleach is easily affordable and is a proven method for killing the strongest bacterias, thereby eliminating the risk of guests suffering from food poisoning. First, apply the warm soap water to the surface. Then use a mixture of a little bleach and water and reapply to the surface. Once this is done, let it dry and production can begin.


Straw toppers are must-haves for anyone wanting to spice up the look of their event. They are fun, can be customized, and add to the overall experience of any party. Party hosts who are designing and producing their straw toppers should, however, ensure that they are made in an environment that is clean and preferably disinfected. These will help to highly reduce the risks of food poisoning and make sure that the party is one that guests remember for a very long time.


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